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Sitting In Judgement


Put an end to your personal judgement parade by Marshall Bowden We live in a judgmental culture that leads us to compare everything: richer/poorer, thinner/fatter, prettier/less pretty, smarter/not-so-smart. That tends to make us very restless and less satisfied with our lives, because even though we judge ourselves to be above others on certain scales of…

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Beyond the Body

Yoga teacher Stephanie Snyder reminds us that asana is essentially meant to help us get beyond our physical distractions, setting us up for meditation: “Hatha yoga is a means to command the physical form in order to have command over the distraction of it (not to get ‘good’ at it) so that you can move…

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24 Hours

Hey, good to see you! You made it. You had a decent night’s sleep (or maybe you didn’t get that much sleep) and here you are, facing a new day with a cup of coffee or tea or maybe freshly juiced juice in your hand. Before you are a fresh twenty-four hours to do with…

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