Mindful Immersion

Part 1 of a Five Part series on Techniques You Can Use to Start Practicing Mindfulness To Do or Not to Do One thing that you can do to practice mindfulness is to perform a routine task as though you were doing it for the first time. Paying attention to each step instead of mindlessly…

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Seasons of Loss and Grief

Man looking out at lake in fading light

At my job as a veterinary technician, I frequently see people in the various stages of loss and grief, both of pets and sometimes other aspects of their lives. The elderly woman who the staff notices isn’t as sharp as she used to be, repeating herself and seemingly unable to comprehend simple instructions. The couple…

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The Path of the Middle Way

The Path of the Middle Way is a concept espoused by Buddha in his first sutra (teaching) after becoming enlightened. And in many ways it is an encapsulation of Buddhist philosophy, but you don’t have to be a Buddhist to find this concept inspirational. It refers to the idea that one should not exist in…

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