Lojong Slogan #11: When the World Is Filled With Evil, Transform All Mishaps To the Path of Bodhi

When things are going well, our practice is easy. We pray, we eat, we #meditate, we do #asana, all the while confident that God, or the universe or whatever is actively and lovingly supporting us.

When things go wrong, we just as readily see a malevolent force at work, one that is intent on working against our best interests.

But in actuality, everything life throws at us, good or bad, is grist for the mill. The experiences that we have and, more specifically, our reactions to them are the actual ‘stuff’ of our spiritual lives. Without the obstacles and frustrations of our daily lives we would never grow out of our comfort zone. And so we need to be #grateful for them. If we work with the bad stuff we experience then we transform it into our practice. It doesn’t ‘fix’ anything or make it OK. But we need to take whatever it is and bring it into our path of bodhi , which means enlightenment.