Lojong Slogan #42: Whichever of the Two Occurs, Be Patient

This slogan refers to what I like to call ‘good times/bad times.’ I saw an interview clip with Bob Dylan once where he basically said that his career had been through a number of highs and lows and that this was really non of his concern. Instead he just needed to keep on creating, because there would always be either praise or blame in reaction to his work. He said: “I’m not fooled by good times/bad times.”

In our practices, in our lives, we tend to be reactive to events that occur, and if we’re not careful we can allow those reactions to affect our practice. When things are good, we get caught up in the wave and we don’t practice, or we don’t practice with much awareness. When things are going poorly, we can feel weak and again we may not practice because we simply feel as though we cannot.

Lojong says no! When things are going well, that’s great, but keep practicing. When things are going wrong or you feel badly that is unfortunate, but keep practicing.

We can see that even though lojong is mind training designed to strengthen our compassion it is tough and disciplined training.