Lojong Slogan #40: Correct All Wrongs With One Intention

This slogan is about intention, and it is related to slogan 39, which was covered in Week 6, All activities should be done with one intention. That slogan discussed the fact that our transient moods often obscure our underlying intention, like clouds temporarily obscure the clear, endless sky underneath. That slogan suggested that we try to remember our intention through all activities and circumstances.

Slogan 40 suggests that you actively bring your intention to bear on any situation in which you face an obstacle, internal or external. and don’t wish to practice whatever you have committed to: meditation, asana, prayer, faith, marriage, your profession, exercise, writing, dancing, painting, photography–anything.

But this does not imply ‘pushing through’ or fighting with your own state of mind. That is a fight you are unlikely to win, and you won’t be at peace in any event. So instead, you should gently remind yourself that the purpose of your practice is to develop loving-kindness, to learn more about yourself, to make the world a better, more complete place, and to fee all sentient beings from their suffering. You may forget the reminder right away, you might even scoff at it. But if you continue to return to this intention it slowly begins to have its influence, wearing down the kleshas (obstacles) of ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and clinging to life. Your commitment to your practice continues to grow, gathering heat and gathering power.