Lojong Slogan #6: In Post-Meditation, Be A Child of Illusion

We recognize that this world is illusory; we catch glimpses of that during meditation and throughout our ‘regular’ activities. So we try to learn not to take the things that happen so seriously. What happens is a chance to learn about ourselves and to maintain connection with the underlying, unchanging, higher Self.
However, just because we live in a world of Maya, of illusion, does not mean that it’s a free-for-all. What happens here has real consequences: people are hurt, there is pain and suffering, and also real bliss and joy. Our actions here and now influence where we find ourselves in the future, and they can also influence others.
We try to take an attitude of practice forward with us in our daily lives, so that everything we do becomes practice. But this slogan reminds us that we should not become overly earnest or precious in this. Being a ‘child of illusion’ means being able to play with and within Maya, to maintain lightness and grace as we navigate the impossibility of this illusory world, or bardo.
This fits with the understanding of the dreamlike nature of this existence as well as an inability to find the tru nature of awareness and consciousness that are suggested by some of the other lojong slogans. It’s all about negotiating a ‘reality’ that is slippery and every-changing with dignity and grace.