Lojong Slogan #51: This Time, Practice The Main Points

Two parts to this slogan. Let’s consider the second one, practice the main points. By this time we’ve been working with lojong slogans for a while. Has it made a difference? Has there been movement along a continuum that we identify as improved or more skillful behavior? In any case, we should be be able to summarize some of the main points of the practice. The main point is to put others before ourselves. We learn to act with bodhicitta, or lovingkindness, and this is the very root of practice, it is perhaps the most important thing we can practice, as Lama Thubten Yeshe states:
“You can prove scientifically that bodhicitta is the best practice to do. Our self-cherishing thought is the root of all human problems. It makes our lives difficult and miserable. The solution to self-cherishing, its antidote, is the mind that is its complete opposite—bodhicitta. The self-cherishing mind is worried about only me, me—the self-existent I. Bodhicitta substitutes others for self.”
The first part–When to practice the main points?
This time. Right now. When this opportunity to practice the dharma occurs. You will put it off. You will whine that it’s “not the right time.” Really? Why do you seperate the time you practice from the time you do not? Why is there a time you are not practicing? The time to practice may arise at any moment. Be ready.