Lojong Slogan #48: Train Without Bias In All Areas

Your practice, whatever it is, is not an end in itself. It’s not to do a deeper forward fold, it’s not to sit on the meditation cushion for longer. Both of these things may happen as you continue to practice, but they are only part of the point. It’s what happens after your practice, how you live your life. That’s where the rubber meets the road, sometimes none too gracefully. But that doesn’t matter, because you strive to #alwaysbepracticing. There is not a practice time and a non-practice time. There is not an on/off switch.
This takes away the excuse that the present time is simply not the right time for lojong or any other training, because things are just not right.
To this, lojong responds: Not gonna fly!!
Anytime is the perfect time to apply lojong mind training, to apply what you learn on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion. Furthermore, it is the reason that you indulge in those practices, otherwise there is no point.