Lojong Slogan #46: Pay Heed That The Three Never Wane

This slogan implies a kind of a juggling act. I sometimes visualize spiritual practice as a juggling act where you are trying to keep a few common threads front and center. You are trying to maintain a balance in your practice, but you also need to focus on the practice because when you take your focus away, you will drop one of the threads.

The threads you are focusing on here are devotion, appreciation (or gratitude), and discipline.

When you are devoted to a teaching or teacher, you open your heart both to the teachings and to the enormous generosity and compassion of the teacher. This does not mean you idolize them, but you put your faith in their ability to convey to you the experience that they have had and to help you on your journey.

You are appreciative of the practice that you have. Whatever practice or combination of practices you use along the path of life, you are grateful for them, and for your ability to mold a personal practice that has deep meaning and benefit for you.

You are disciplined in your approach to your practice, because sometimes, no matter how devoted or appreciative we are, we simply do not want to do the practice. We resist. You must use discipline to overcome the resistance and continue to do the practice.

Very realistic–we try to appeal to our ‘higher’ spiritual nature, but sometimes a little muscle is needed to stay on our path.