Lojong Slogan #32: Don’t Wait In Ambush

Waiting in ambush is about revenge. It’s about being so focused on a perceived insult or grudge that you scheme about how you will get back at the person who has slighted you. For a great deal of my life I have been a world champion grudge holder. I know what it’s like to keep the hurt alive and to think about the route you will take to make it right.
The thing about that is that you are giving up your peace of mind. You are giving up yourself because you become consumed by the grudge. It’s like a demon that eats at you. And you wait in ambush for that opportunity to get back at the person who has insulted you. This cycle plays out in person against person, group against group, and nation against nation. And it’s obviously a losing proposition, so maybe it’s time to take this slogan seriously and give this well-worn cycle a rest.