Lojong Slogan #24: Change Your Attitude, But Remain Natural

I feel that this slogan has a lot to say about what seems large and important vs. what happens when small changes are made and lessons applied in a consistent way. Acharya Judy Lief, in her analysis of this slogan, says: “There is absolutely no room for exhibitionism or spiritual posturing. Slogan practice is not focused on grand gestures. Instead, the idea is to make small but consistent moves in the direction of awareness and loving kindness. “
Not focused on grand gestures. Do the work. Be the change. You are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. It is all a way of saying that you are engaging in a Herculean task when you embark upon a spiritual path. This change in attitude you seek to embody is not something easy or instant. You may have a flash of insight, and it rearranges your world for a moment. You are embarrassed that your life seems to return to its previous level soon after such breakthroughs occur. But real change–change in attitude, the habitual reactions we have to certain thoughts or people, does not happen overnight.
Natural change does happen suddenly at times: lightning cleaves a branch from a tree, or a wave builds until it can take out a large swath of land, taking numerous lives and destroying entire towns. More often, it is a very slow process. The water slowly erodes the shoreline. The path of the river slowly changes course. Work to change your attitude, but do it quietly, without fanfare. Live your life while you practice, don’t wait for enlightenment in order to live.