Lojong Slogan #22: If You Can Practice Even When Distracted, You Are Well Trained

This one is like the Captain Obvious of lojong slogans to me, because duh! If you can practice through the jumbled patterns of your monkey mind, if you can ignore the input of the senses, if you can withdraw from the senses, then yeah, I would say that you are well trained. The problem is, it’s much easier said than done.
But the fact is, all of us who try do manage to practice even when we are distracted by what’s going on around us and by our own thoughts. We practice in order to expand the time when we are not distracted. Yet at first it seems as though our practices in meditation and mindfulness make things worse, because we begin to notice our distractions, how frequent they are. It’s a wonder we can get anything done with these crazy minds thinking all the time!
The good news is that as soon as we notice that we have lost our focus, we regain it. At first our balance, our ability to maintain our focus, is very weak, like someone first learning natarajasana. But as we practice more, our focus becomes stronger, and so does our lovingkindness, our ability to give and receive love.