Lojong Slogan #17: Practice the Five Strengths/Condensed Heart Instructions

The five strengths are determination, familiarization, virtue, reproach, and aspiration.
Determination means that you set a direction and then you stick to it. Whether for an hour, a day, a year, ultimately the gaol is to be mindful and manifesting loving-kindness at all times.
Familiarixation: By practicing these consistently, you become familiar with them, and they are no longer a big deal. The goal of practicing mindfulness isn’t mindfulness in and of itself, it’s to learn to be present in your life as much as possible. The goal of practicing loving-kindness isn’t as an accomplishment but for the sake of all sentient beings.
Virtue: Continue to raise the bar of your own practice and help to elevate your community, and by extension, the world.
Reproach: When you recognize the ego’s role in obstructing your practice of mindfulness and loving-kindness, face it squarely and honestly. Admit what is happening and face the ego down, letting it know that you will continue to oppose its call to mindless, habitual action.
Aspiration: You aspire to attain enlightenment and liberation and to practice loving-kindness for the sake of all sentient beings, no matter the obstacles. That sounds like an impossible goal, but it’s not something that happens overnight. Whether you believe that enlightenment is possible in this lifetime or not, you understand, as you practice, that there is no real alternative but to continue on the path.