All Is Full of Love: A Meditation

‘All is full of love; you just aren’t receiving. Your phone is off the hook. Your doors are shut.’

–Bjork, “All Is Full of Love”–


Today I will acknowledge my ability to give and receive love. I live in a world that is supportive and encouraging. I have air to breathe, water to drink and bathe in, food grown from the earth to eat, fire to keep me warm. I open my heart to the sun and give thanks for everything that I have. I feel the caress of the universe supporting me in my endeavors.

I wish for long life, freedom, and safety for all sentient beings. I practice in order to liberate all sentient beings from their confusion and suffering. I seek to open my heart and radiate love to all beings and all corners of the universe. In loving everything, I recognize the divine mystery in all things.

I pray that I do not forget to remain open to the many ways that love is offered to me by the universe and by other individuals that I encounter. I take refuge in the love that is offered to me by the universe as well as by other sentient beings. I will live mindfully in order to recognize the love that is being offered to me, and will trust and accept those who offer it. I acknowledge that all of the love I need is offered and awaiting me to receive it.

I am open to giving and receiving love. May I do so skillfully as the day continues.