Seasons of Loss and Grief

Man looking out at lake in fading light

At my job as a veterinary technician, I frequently see people in the various stages of loss and grief, both of pets and sometimes other aspects of their lives. The elderly woman who the staff notices isn’t as sharp as she used to be, repeating herself and seemingly unable to comprehend simple instructions. The couple…

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Sitting In Judgement


Put an end to your personal judgement parade by Marshall Bowden We live in a judgmental culture that leads us to compare everything: richer/poorer, thinner/fatter, prettier/less pretty, smarter/not-so-smart. That tends to make us very restless and less satisfied with our lives, because even though we judge ourselves to be above others on certain scales of…

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Keep Anger From Burning You Out

Anger is a normal human emotion, a reaction to something or someone that we feel has wronged us in some way. Like most emotions, it provides the basis for a stronger reaction than necessary if we allow our minds to run away with our thoughts. And it is a way that we grasp at what…

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The Anxiety Attic: Recognizing the Anxious Mind

The anxiety attic. You know it’s there, a mind that just won’t rest until it comes up with some way that things can go wrong for you. You can be perfectly fine one minute, and the next your mind takes hold of an anxious thought, worrying over it until it becomes a dark, looming cloud.…

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