24 Hours

Hey, good to see you! You made it.

You had a decent night’s sleep (or maybe you didn’t get that much sleep) and here you are, facing a new day with a cup of coffee or tea or maybe freshly juiced juice in your hand.

Before you are a fresh twenty-four hours to do with as you will. Each day is a completely new, completely, perfectly blank canvas on which to paint. A blank page on which to type.  A new pool to swim, a new picture to take, a new sky to dive, a new pearl in the oyster.

Starting over again. It feels good. Because you’ve no doubt told yourself so many times, on so many successive days, how you screwed it up, you blew it, you slept all day, you didn’t clean that closet, you took that drink, you walked away in anger, you said something when you shouldn’t have, you didn’t say anything when you should have, you acted, you failed to act.

Someone took the phonograph needle from the middle of the record and put it back at the beginning of the side. Side one. Again. This time the tracks can be different. They can be better.


What will you do differently today? Will you write that letter or make that phone call? Will you fly that kite? Will you put down that processed snack food?

The answer is maybe. Maybe you will. Maybe this won’t be the right day for that. But whatever happens, today is not the end of the story. The canvas will be newly blank, the page will be newly virgin. The tide rolls in, and just as predictably, it rolls out again. If you’re lucky enough to show up for the next day, it will be there and so will you. You will create the fabric of the day out of whole cloth.

So do it. Create it. Whatever it is.

Stop judging.



Yourself and others.


You always hear how we are each perfect as we are, we don’t need to change, or how when you polish the mirror enough you realize that the mirror never needed polishing in the first place. And those things are true. But they don’t mean that you can say ‘well, the mirror never really needs to be polished, so why practice?’

Only through diligent practice can one reach the point where you realize for yourself that the mirror is already perfectly polished. Similarly, only through diligent living each day can we reach the point where we realize that our perfection already lies within us.

How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, a year in the life?

How about love?
Measure in love

(Songwrite:  Larson, Jonathan D,  Rent)


Be conscious. Be kind. Be fierce. Be brave. Be what you need to be in each given moment. There will be times that you will be angry, there are times you will be a jerk. Let those times happen and realize that they are becoming fewer and farther between. When you need to laugh, then laugh. When you need to cry, then cry, even if no one else is.

Life is inspiration. Inspiration is a divine communication that makes someone want to make or create something, we draw inspiration in just as we draw air into our lungs. Inspiration, exhalation. It comes down to our breath, our heartbeat, the blood rushing along through our veins and arteries.

So go forth, be inspired, do what it is you find most inspirational today, whether that is writing a poem, walking in the park, or taking some well earned rest and relaxation on the couch.

Whatever it is, do it. Do it with your whole heart.

Be there.

Live consciously.